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The moment of the meal is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and create new links, integrating the new coworkers with the old ones. Promote new relationships between groups, helping them to cook less, share more and eat better. You will get them more involved and attract new coworkers.

“Help them and you will help yourself” – Pep Guardiola –

You set the pace of the game!

Cook whenever you want!

No shifts or pressure. You decide when.

Choose what to eat!

You are free to join to eat whatever you want.

Always different groups!

The points allow you to always eat with different people.

Meet new people and do not eat alone anymore

“It’s a good way to taste new dishes, having fun with people”
Marc, Aeronautical engineer
“Cook once and eat 5 more without doing anything else? Cocooking is great!”
Marta, Designer
“Cocooking is a way to share the day to day with your co-workers”
Alfons, Architect


More profitable companies  by eating together

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