Lunch meetings for all tastes

We bring people together, we connect knowledge

Boost digital transformation during lunchtime

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Match 4 Lunch

Find with whom to eat. Eat with 4 to 6 people selected randomly

“Match 4 Lunch” can be a massive event, everyone can join, the more people join, the better! The system will create groups from 4 to 6 people in a random way so that they can meet and share lunch time where they want.

Lunch & Learn

To learn while lunching with your co-workers

Any user can publish an event in the calendar in order to share some knowledge about a specific topic or any other aspect. At lunchtime the assistants can learn in a fun, close and direct way.

Language Exchange

Practicing a foreign language while eating

What about practicing a language while eating with your co-workers? Without fear nor pressure, either natives or apprentices can participate! The publisher of the event chooses the language.

A meet up to share meals

Share your lunch at work

Beyond team building we create community. Welcome to Community Building 2.0