A young student from Philadelphia working in CoCooking

My name is Declan Basile, I’m an American student working abroad in Barcelona, Spain for the summer! I was lucky enough to land a job with CoCooking and get to spend two months creating, locating, and promoting venues for events to publicize this great new start-up.

            My first day in Barcelona I was terribly lost on the metro and had no idea how to get to work. I frantically was going up to people asking if they spoke English so I could get directions to ensure I wouldn’t be late. Fortunately enough, two other students on the metro were going to my exact stop and agreed to help me get there! When they asked what type of company I was working for I began to explain and before I could even get out half of what CoCooking is, someone completely random barged in and interrupted me. 

To my surprise, they stopped me to let me know what a great idea sharing meals in the office was and how they already do it but without any structure or organization. They were anxious to hear more about the company and in no time at all, before I had even started my first shift, CoCooking had gained 3 more potential users! 

This is a great sign and provides a lot of optimism for the future of CoCooking.